How can field engineers benefit from a field engineer mobile application

Published on March 15th, 2023

Field service is an integral function for providing a consistent customer service. There are millions of field service engineers who are responsible to maintain billions of machines around the globe that have a very important role to play in our lives and businesses. They are our everyday heroes who come at our doorstep to repair our washing machine or a refrigerator.

Therefore, having an efficient Field Service mobile applications for engineers has become a paramount importance for companies. It can help managers, customer service representatives, and engineers in a variety of ways-

Single source for all information
A mobile application would provide the field engineers with an immediate access to all the service-related documents, complete customer information, service request information, product information, and warranties. Additionally, it can help engineers in having a record of all applicable Service Level Agreements (SLA) and ensure adherence to those agreements.

Increasing efficiency and productivity
An ideal Field service mobile application can help in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the field engineer. They face issues of call registration, marking their attendance and leave, claiming travel expenses, allocation of service requests wherein they are required to visit the service center for picking up job sheets for entries, travel back and forth for service request details. With an application they will be able to resolve all these issues easily by having all the information at hand and finding it very easy to plan their daily tasks and route maps, thus being more productive.

Efficient use of Field Engineer mobile application can help in maintaining better transparency by keeping the after-sale service representatives and field engineers on the same page. The service teams can track the live geo location of the field engineers which can help in compensating them for their travel expenses and assigning the service call to the right engineer at the right time. Field engineers on the other hand can have a proper validation of the products, and its parts with the help of features like barcode scanning, validate warranty information and search parts of inventory.

Technical assistance
Transforming the way field engineer teams communicate in times of crisis can have a huge impact on customer service. The best Field Engineer Mobile application would provide engineers with an access to the WAR room. This should include a feature for engineers where they can upload a photo or record a video of the technical challenge and get real time assistance from the technical help desk. They can easily reach out to any of the coworkers who can help in resolving the issue without being there on the location.

Having a Field Engineer Mobile Application can help field engineers and, after sale service representatives in achieving transparency and a smooth flow of communication by bringing after sale service teams and field engineers on the same scale. It can help in boosting productivity and efficiency of the field engineers by facilitating the service process, enabling them to have access to all the necessary information about service requests and customer details. It can also help in completely changing the way field engineers deliver the service as they can get in touch with the technical room for any live assistance or guidance. Therefore, it is no doubt that a mobile application for a field service engineer can prove to be the backbone of customer service.

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