Empower Your Customer Service Processes During Lockdown

May 4, 2020

Excellent Customer Service means ensuring a customer is happy and satisfied with your product or service even after the transaction is complete. As a customer-centric company, you must strive to stay on top of your customer’s needs, queries, and feedback. Every interaction between you and your customer should work towards building a strong trusting relationship.

Given the current situations across the country, with everyone/ everything under lockdown, staying connected with your customers and boosting their confidence in your brand, becomes more important than ever before.

Even if delivering regular customer service is challenging right now, there are certain platforms that you must master to ensure that you are available and within reach of your customers when they need you.

Adopting these while simplifying your processes will empower your teams to service your customers better. Ignoring these, however, may result in you losing an opportunity of creating customer delight.

6 Dynamic Platforms For Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Social Media Support:

Today, tech-savvy customers are not only using social media to get product/ service-related information. They are using it to post their experiences as well. While a positive remark can bring in more business, a negative remark of a poor experience can prove to be detrimental for your future. Make sure your team consistently monitors all your social media channels for any customer queries or feedback. They should publicly empathize, show consideration of the customer’s situation, and give prompt response and resolution to their problems. This will win customer favor and increase satisfaction levels.

On-call Support:

One of the most popular forms of communication, 24×7 on-call assistance provides direct service support to the customer. On-call support helps you to deliver prompt, personalized, and prioritized assistance to your customer.

Presently, with maximum customer support centres being closed and phone services being limited to emergencies services only, you need to look at other avenues available to engage with your customers and timely address their issues. The solution — a Mobile App.

Mobile App:

A recent research by McKinsey Global Institute finds India as the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, with 560 million internet subscribers in 2018, second only to China. The report forecasts this number to rise by about 40% by 2023.

Having a customer service mobile app helps increase your customer reach manifolds as well as improve customer engagement. A Customer Service app with its self-service features like service request registrations, product registration, troubleshooting sections, manuals, FAQ sections, etc. provide the customer quick and easy solution for any issue they may be facing. Notification features allows you to maintain transparency and share timely updates with them.


AI-powered chatbots enable companies to automate common support questions, providing quick response to their customer’s queries. Available 24×7, the chatbot can instantly connect with a customer and provide immediate assistance even when they may be in the middle of purchasing a product or service. Delivering faster, consistent support, chatbots provide an easy and efficient way to transform your customer service support.

Knowledge Base:

Many customers prefer to solve their problems using a self-service knowledge base. It is a great cost-effective medium to offer ready information to your customers about your product/service. Keep all the necessary information and instructions in engaging formats—pdfs, videos, images, etc. Ensure that these are easily accessible by your customers and updated regularly. Those who may not find a solution here can always reach you through the other channels for a resolution.

Email Assistance:

Email is yet another channel that holds relevance in customer service. Fast, easy, cost-effective, and preferred, email support when done right, it is a great way to connect with your customers and address their issues. The ability to add pictures, links along with videos and multiple files, makes it an ideal method for resolving complicated issues.

For any customer-focused organization, delivering quick and meaningful customer service is crucial to keeping a competitive edge in the market. Meaningful interactions and personalized experiences will win customer loyalty, cultivate strong connections, and boost business growth.

Aligning these channels with the right CRM would bring real-time insights and help in driving efficiency across service processes, enable better strategic planning, and improve customer experiences.

Blog Contributor : Yogita Chhabra
Passionate, creative & result-driven professional with over five years of experience across telecommunication & IT industry. Yogita is fun-loving and enjoys exploring new places, trying new things, & meeting new people specially to learn about their way of life.

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