Take Field Service Delivery to an All-New Level with a Field Service CRM

March 19, 2020

Is managing your field service technician and communicating with them a challenge, especially when they’re on a service call?

Is access to relevant customer details limited for your field service technicians especially when in the field?

Is the amount of manual work involved in maintaining excel files and paper-based reports, hampering the way you deliver service?

Then it is high time for you to opt for a reliable automated field service CRM.

Field service teams are always on the go. They are required to respond to service calls quickly and deliver prompt after-sales services to the customers. As the face of the company, their interactions with the customer directly translates to how the customer views the service delivered and the company who is delivering it. Any service escalations, data omissions, misinterpretation due to the information available or not available, all can hamper the image of the company leading to business losses.

More and more customer-centric companies are now adopting a cloud-based Field Service Management CRM to deliver world-class services to their customers. A well-designed Field Service Management CRM not only helps in streamlining the daily after-sales service operations but also increases team productivity and process efficiencies. Ensuring a smooth and enriched customer service experience.

Let’s consider some of the reason why you too should consider using a reliable CRM to empower your field service teams:

Powered by Mobility:

With a cloud-based field service CRM mobile app, the field service technician can access customer-related information anytime anywhere. All information is available at his fingertips, allowing him to respond better and deliver fast and quality service to your customers. Alerts, updates, and notifications can also be sent to him quickly and easily.

Always available right information:

With a field service CRM there’s no more scattered information. The field service team can see all customer-related information in a systematic order. From product purchase information, warranty information, last service date, etc., to spare parts availability, all records are available to the field technician.

Easy route planning:

What’s the location of the calls assigned to him, which is the best route to take, and how much travel time is required to service all the assigned calls—are some of the daily challenges faced by field service technicians. Smart planning can make a difference in how fast and effectively he can service the customers. Built-in features of an after-sales service CRM provides important information such as the location of assigned calls, quick view of the route map, travel time to reach each customer site, etc.

Office in Pocket:

A field service mobile app provides an excellent platform for field technicians to work efficiently without any delay. They can mark attendance and leaves, request spare parts, submit claims and call status without even stepping into an office. Their supervisors, as well as senior management, can geo track the entire team, check the daily call service status, share regular updates with the team in real-time, while they are in the field.


A robust field service CRM will enable the management to monitor and secure information access rights across processes and functions. User roles can be defined so that only authorized users can access all the information.

Implementing a next-generation customer service CRM you can deliver flawless after-sales service. Strengthen your service teams, deliver exceptional customer experience, and win more businesses. A robust CRM would also help you minimize response times, streamline service processes and optimize costs.

A comprehensive CRM integrated well with inventory, billing, and other customer-facing departments provide a 360-degree view of customer-related activities, boost customer satisfaction rates and improve the overall customer experience.

Blog Contributor : Yogita Chhabra
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